Once again, these are free flowing thoughts that have not been edited, but will be a real time flow of my interpretation of Rachel’s points. (my comments in these thingys)

  • (People filing in, btw lunch kicked ass. I think I want to marry the Gleacher Center)
  • (No idea when @halvorson’s birthday is, but someone better get her one of those Backstreet Boys headset microphone things)
  • Computers are still dumb
  • Semantic web is about solving these areas of complexity
  • machines do things well that people do poorly
  • but they fail sometimes with ambiguous issues
  • Identity + Definition + Structure …
  • There are non semantic ways to describe structure. eg microformats, machine tags, new web standards
  • IDs take something abstract and make it concrete (mathing is hard! still bitter from my stupidity about last night’s bill.)
  • (Wait. There is a service called FREEBASE? Lindsay Lohan is psyched!)
  • Incidents of anti social behavioral meter (holy CRAP there is a term for everything) @lucidplot says it’s fairly political in the UK. Not surprisingly he calls it “rubbish”)
  • (maybe you don’t need to know all about the semantic web, but you at least need to be able to give it a hug and embrace it)(((hugz))
  • (was there life before slideshare?)
  • (here’s a conference idea: Scribes for conference speeches, 1 scribe per speech, scribes compete and are chosen and allow single point of real time tracking for conferences. I’m rambling. )
  • (I think I paid $18 for my margarita last night. One margarita. )
  • Machine Assisted tagging – streamlines the approach for tagging e.g. Tagaroo
  • Content Strategists are need to figure out how to roll out these tools – Related Content Services, Semantic Ad Targeting etc
  • Although at its infancy, the semantic web is real and we need to better understand it.