We’re back for day #2 in sunny Philadelphia for IDEA 2010.

Jared Spool and Reed are up on stage playing some sweet ass zippy music that makes it exceptionally easy to type. They will be presenting shortly. Jared just kicked me out of my seat.  Eschewing sobbing for another cup of coffee. Alright, everyone is filing in, this presentation with Jaraed and Reed should kick some ass.

The Best is the Enemy of the Good

  • Always a good way to start of the morning when you mix beat boxing with magic.
  • Dramatic stage presentation by Reed basically performing magic while beat boxing and a the crowd baited on his every move.
  • Parralls between professional magic and IxD
  • We can learn a lot from a profession that basically has over 100 years head start
  • Magic: Creative, Business, Community of Practice (sound familiar?)
  • Path to becoming a master starts with being a beginner. Which of course, sucks.
  • Once you mimic something, you can then, and only then innovate.
  • Sucking, mimicking, innovating. We’ve seen this process before (roaring laughing)
  • Microsoft innovated with Word, but kind of went too far.
  • This is a pattern that keeps repeating
  • (man, how much do designers and content needs LOVE mint.com)
  • Re: Don’t Make Me Think. “You suck, get over it”
  • Are we (as a profession) becoming masterful.
  • I’m not perfect, but I’m really really good.
  • It’s responsibility to all aspects of a show beyond your given skill.
  • What are the skills that we need to create good design.
  • Jared is not a fan of roles, which he sees as a subset of skills.
  • What are your enterprise skills?
  • What are your soft skills?
  • The T shaped man, doesn’t work. You have the broken comb, you are getting better at different skills.
  • The Renaissance person would kick some serious.
  • Practice is only for you. It’s like muscle memory for your brain. Practic shouldn’t be work and you don’t have to pay attention all the time.
  • Process workshops is practice.
  • Renaissance people are needed to build your team.
  • People are willing to invest in design, but are we skilled enough, have we practiced enough.
  • Brains work vs hands work. Brains work should be billed 3 times as much as hands work.
  • If you come in as hands, you may not have get as many of your ideas pushed through.

OK, Next up Cindy Chastain and her talk The Importance of Storytelling in the Age of Digital Ecosystems

  • We have to think as storytellers to solve design problems.
  • You have to start with offering a service.
  • You have to start with a good story to have a consistance service ecosystem.
  • Damn. Nook is a really good name for that.
  • Baseball’s popularity is largely due to data. The story about baseball is built around the ecosystem of data.
  • Way to dig more deeply into the game.
  • McSweeney example – massively different kinds of content all bound together by the same story.
  • single product/service and multiple product/services
  • story(thinking) a narrative of connecting people to the ecosystem.
  • storylines leads to subplots.
  • Then you map the subplots to the ecosystem
  • The more Cindy speaks, the more I realize I have so much more to learn.
  • Once you map, then you need to create stories for design.
  • Stories helps build a collection around a common theme. Keeps the customer focused.
  • Lunch time!

stay tuned….