First off, thanks for stopping by. I am a writer by trade, producing technical and marketing collateral for the financial and not-so financial sectors. After 15 years, I realized as much as I love writing, I enjoy the business of writing even more. Recently, a lot has been made about content strategy, web editing, copywriting, technical writing and information architecture. To be honest, I am still sorting it all out myself. However, I really don’t want to be constrained to titles, monikers or one way of looking at this discipline. I do know that I am ridiculously passionate about how content is produced and how it is cared for, not only through a project lifecycle, but once it goes out the door.

I don’t believe content is any more or less important than other aspects of a project, but I do believe it needs more prominence¬† than it currently has. Yes, it can be messy sticky, gross and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be, especially if a dedicated curator is involved.

When I am not going off on some diatribe about writing, I find time to be a reasonably good husband and father. I share a home on the New England seacoast with my wife and two young daughters. I’m not trying to be something I am not. The opinions discussed here are most certainly my own. They are honest and often misspelled.

In conclusion, I can’t say I’ll always write about content. I love me some house renovations and will probably sprinkle in some poorly constructed thoughts on my kids and my house using some strained analogy to prove a pedantic, yet revolutionary thought. Again, thank you for reading.