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The great thing about live blogging a conference is the insane amount of information received, retained and interpreted. That bad thing? You run out of steam. Apologies to the final two sessions that I didn’t record.

In conclusion, I found IDEA 2010 to be a tremendous success bringing together some of the most amazing minds in IA and IxD. Yes, the dialog continues between the roles of each profession, the blurred lines, and the never-ending discussion/argument between job title and job function. Selfishly, as a practicing content strategist, it’s nice to know our profession isn’t the only one still sorting it all out.

Again, congrats to Russ and his hard working team for pulling together such a great conference. Philadelphia, specifically the old town, was a fantastic host. I’m vastly looking forward to where the newly formed comittee decides for a location.



Today is the first…day…ahem…sorry, still fuzzy from @Madpow’s killer party last night at National Mechanics. We are ready to kick off IDEA2010! I will do my best to live blog through the sessions, there will be part observations, part candor, part humor and as much knowledge as I can absorb and type. I will do my best, I hope you enjoy.

First up, a Welcome and then we’re into Ubiquitous Architecture and Gamestorming.

Ubiquitous Architecture and Gamestorming

Peter Morville is up first.

  • Dichotomy Alert! Information Architects and User Experience Designer
  • Already in love with Peter as he makes CS a part of the conversation.
  • The tactical and strategic roles may be separating, but they are still held closely together.
  • visuals can often break down barriers
  • Search involves an insane attention to detail.
  • Will innovation redefine search, ongoing discussion.
  • You can now search by sketching or singing
  • We can’t ignore the possibility of sensory search.
  • Cross Media Integration – what is the right balance?
  • iTunes led the way with this (duh), but we are finally seeing other areas (Nike, Zipcar etc)
  • REI has worked to bring all content creators together, eliminating silos (yay!)
  • Mike Kuniavsky – don’t worry, he’s already thinking light years ahead of us (whew…)
  • Service blueprints are the key parts of Service Design, they identify the touchpoints (Peter feels they are not enough)
  • User Service Map – The Intertwingularity (buzzword alert!) The mix of digital and physical (how would you view a movie, download, movie theater…)
  • What is the perceived distance in the physical world, but when you apply the same thought to digital, it has more to do with the experience.
  • IA is about building bridges, but the work doesn’t stop, there are always more bridges to be built.
  • Peter makes the brilliant point that Ken Burns is GOD (ok, maybe I made that up, but COME ON, the man is fabulous!)
  • Panel discussion time!
  • What the hell is gamestorming!? – Disruptive way of explaining problem solving (Sunni) Collection of things that work (James) Making the information more shareable (Dave)
  • Gamestorming = visual thinking people (Peter’s interpretation)
  • Confession: As a writer, designing anything visually scares the crap out of me.
  • Visual thinking = Gamestorming
  • Gamestorming reminds me a lot of discovery writing. Visually working through a problem, much like writing through a problem.
  • Peter makes the point that Gamestorming is just IA in disguise.
  • The best way to describing gamestorming is to do it.

Hey oh, just had a break out session where Sunni Brown taught us visually challenged “drawers” a new way to not be afraid to sketch out our ideas visually. She had a great way of using a visual alphabet (lines, circles, basically crap we can all draw to represent a image. It was basically a speed round of Pictionary where we drew a coffee cup (easy), charisma (not so much) and a pervert (priests abound). Insanely fun, interactive and a great way to meet some new people.

Next up, Going Native: The Anthropology of Mobile App Design with Josh Clark

  • Mobile can be thought of as cultures.
  • Anthropology – how or why we act the way we act.
  • Still very much in the discovery phase of mobile platforms.
  • (Lego graphic backdrop is S.I.C.K.)
  • text interfaces were initially such a crummy experience.
  • Suddenly wondering if my mother threw away all of our Legos. I think I’ll call her at lunch.
  • Defining a culture, defines the mobile appearance
  • 87% of AA and English speaking latinos compared to 80% of white peeps.
  • Nokia = Symbian. I did not know that.
  • BB os is still king in America (40%) For now…
  • BB heavy on texting and email, but lacking on web browsing.
  • iPhone = super active user
  • Sorry, nanny is texting me. The power is out and I am trying to tell her how to reset the breaker in the electrical panel. Good god.
  • For Android, it’s the technology, skews for younger users. “good enough”
  • Android is for tinkerers, so apparently Tinker Bell is ALL over this phone.
  • Windows mobile slide draws a good laugh from the crowd. Oh, Redmond, you have fallen so far.
  • Satisfaction index shows that iPhone/Android lead the way while BB and Windows (giggle/snort) lacks big time.
  • Cultures love rivalry. Great analogy.
  • It’s really not about tools. Emotional connection means more now in the mobile universe.
  • Appropriate Technologies – basically pairing cultures with the right technologies
  • There is a market for SMS apps (think of voting for AI)
  • Mobile culture goverance is partially regulation and part of the social experience.
  • Wait, whut? Content Strategy doesn’t own the term governance.
  • Governance shapes our experience.
  • Sorry, twitter distraction, bad Matthew.
  • Can the web entertain this circus?
  • Mobile web can sidestep the governance issue.
  • Praying there is a stack of legos at lunch.
  • You cannot satiate everyone, so there cannot be only one silver bullet mobile OS
  • We are all cloud developers now (I have no idea what this means)
  • Build device specific app, not an all encompassing app.
  • Lunch time!

Stay tuned…